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Globber, Elite Light SolidDarkBlue- Dark Grey (GL445-100)

RM 319.90 RM 39,990.00

Intended for children aged 3 years and up, the new scalable Elite lights is the ultimate scooter for the first riding experiences. Its exclusive lighting equipment (wheels and/or front module) ensures a smooth and stylish practice. And thanks to the revolutionary - easy to use folding system, the scooter is effortless to carry in trolley mode, and easy to store once folded.


With its unique design and revolutionary folding function, the Elite lights accompanies children as they have their first gliding experiences With Its luminous equipments and its colorful design, this scalable scooter is definitely made for a both fun and safety practice ! .. Handy and ergonomic, the Elite lights is very easy to store and to carry with the trolley function, thanks to the elliptic folding system. First 3-wheels foldable scooter in the market, its folding system ensures both safety and smooth riding experience. Designed for safe learning, its three wheels, its very sturdy foot deck and its low footrest and its sturdy deck guarantee user's stability and comfort. Also, the wheels locking/unlocking system and the assisted steering enable children to progressively learn how to turn.

3+ years/ans 50kg110lbs max +0,95m 3