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  •  4 textured balls included

  • Removable handle for versatility and improved storage

  • Soft wheels protect floors

  •   Rattle sound for auditory stimulation

  •  Different textures for tactile development

  •  2 Colour Ways Available 

  • Various textures for encouraging tactile development

  • Mirror for learning reflections

  • Crinkle sounds & rattling beads for auditory stimulation

  • STEAM/STEM toys for a bright future

  • different textures help your baby to satisfy the need to chew and to soothe gums during teething

  • fun and colourful designs to stimulate the baby's visual perception

  • Different sounds to help stimulate baby's auditory development

  • Helps baby to use their small hands and fingers for grip

  • Rotary rattle

  • Different surfaces to discover

  • With sound effects

  • With teething rings to relieve teething pain

  • Promotes motor skills and the desire to discover

  • Sensory development of sight, hearing and touch

  • Easy to clean

  • Textured teethers to soothe sore gums

  • Various textures for tactile development

  • Easy for little hands to grasp

  • Textured teethers to soothe sore gums

  • Click-Clack sounds for auditory stimulation

  • Easy for little hands to grasp

  • Chewy textured teethers soothe sore gums

  • Vibrant colours for visual perception

  • 1 large ring & 5 chewy links

  • Playgro is Encouraging Imagination with STEM/STEM for a bright future - Great start for a world of learning

  •   Rattle beads and crinkle feet for auditory stimulation

  • A variety of fabrics and surfaces encourage tactile development

  • Easy to grasp neck for little hands

  • Textured click-clack rings are ideal for soothing teething babies

  • Reflective mirrored belly stimulates curiosity and teaches self awareness 

  •  Flexible all natural, 100% natural rubber latex is soft to touch and waterproof

  • Gentle bumps, shapes and textures for teething relief

  • Soft textured patterns, squishy nose and squeaker belly encourage tactile exploration and stimulation

  • Lightweight and easy to grasp

  • Playgro is Encouraging Imagination with STEM/STEM for a bright future - Great start for a world of learning 

  •  As baby shakes and rolls Explor-a-Ball, rattling beads stimulate auditory system

  • Openings for fingers make it easy for baby to grip and hold

  • Various textures and materials for sensory exploration and teething

  • Colourful ribbons for practising fine motor skills

  • Contrasting colours promotes visual perception 

  • 30 colored balls

  • 3 Convenient ball storage pouches

  • 4 different ball activity stations

  • Beach inspired theme

  • Colourful characters and patterns for visual development

  • Incorporates STEAM principles

  • Lots of activities to encourage baby to think, look, listen and move

  • Detachable hanging toys

  • Water filled teether

  • 32 colored balls included

  • Mirror included

  • Many ways to play

  • A soft place for baby to play

  • Easy ball storage

  •  4 hanging toys and mirror for multisensory development

  • Detachable toys to entertain baby on the go

  • Soft leaf and flower teether to soothe sore gums

  • Thick padded mat with modern patterns and bright colours

  • Machine washable mat

  • Approximately 90 cm in diameter 

  • Incorporates STEAM and Age For Stage Principles

  • 5 detachable hanging toys

  • 4 different musical melodies composed privately for Playgro

  • A soft place for baby to sit/lie and play

  • Mirror for learning reflections

  • Detachable Arms

  • Rattling sounds for auditory development

  • Vibrant and colourful characters for visual development

  • Features 3 detachable hanging toys Chewy teether for soothing sore gums Mirror for learning reflections Removable gym arm A soft, safe place for baby to play

  • STEAM STEM Development Toy, Playgro Age for Stage incorporates STEAM STEM principles.

  • Stage 1 Stimulating the senses.

  • Stage 2 Encouraging discovery.

  • Stage 3 Exploring and Developing.

  • Stage 4 Developing new skills.

  • Stage 5 Encouraging Imagination

  • BPA Free

  • Grows with baby – perfect for Lay and Play from 0M

  • Easily folds for on the go and easy storage

  • 5 fun hanging toys are detachable for independent play

  • Bright colours and textured toys encourage sensory development


  •   20 fun songs to groove to

  • Twirl, spinning features for enhancing fine motor skills

  • Entertains baby on the go

  • Vibrant colors for engaging baby’s visual perception skills | Imagination grows with Playgro! Your favorite toys to Play and Grow!

  • STEM toys for toddlers  

  •  Generous gift pack

  • 15 developmental toys

  • Vibrant colours encourages visual perception

  • Textured surfaces for tactile development

  • Bath net for easy storage

  • Great as a gift for baby

  • Perfect for bath or water play

  •  Projector and night light in one!

  • 30 minutes of projection time

  • 2 colour modes

  • Portable and cord free 

  • Includes: Non-slip textured surface helps keep baby stable in the bath

  • Suction base secures mat firmly to clean flat surfaces

  • Use in the bath or on hard floors where slipping poses a risk to baby

  • Cute characters help make bath time fun!

  • Sized to fit most baths

  • Fully sealed, no holes, no mould!

  • Includes 9 pieces, perfect for water play fun, inside or out

  • Different characters encourage imaginary fun in the bath

  • Bright colours for visual stimulation

  • Safe to chew


  •  Fully sealed, no holes, no mould!

  • Includes 8 sea characters for extended bath and water play fun

  • Handy storage case

  • Bright colours stimulate visual senses and imagination

  • Perfectly sized for little hands 

  • Fully sealed, no holes, no mould!

  • Includes 8 sea characters for extended bath and water play fun

  • Handy storage case

  • Bright colours stimulate visual senses and imagination

  • Perfectly sized for little hands

  •  Pulling fish’s tail activates paddling action and engages baby’s fine motor skills

  • Colour and movement encourages visual tracking skills and hand-eye coordination

  • Provides multi-sensory activities for bath time fun

  • Rattling beads stimulate visual and auditory development

  • Cute fish character is perfect for imaginative water play and bath time fun

  • Available in two colour ways; orange or yellow body 

  • Great Value baby shower gift

  • 10 Individual items in one pack

  • Features a lovable bee stroller friend, panda squeaker, textured jungle links and spinning triangle teether

  • Lots of stimulating developmental activities and various surfaces for baby to chew and teethe on

  • Spinning textured beads, links and ribbons for fine motor skill development

  • The mirror in the center of the spinning toy reflects light and stimulates your child's curiosity.

  • Stackable buckets that can be stacked up and rolled over and over again.

  • The link chain helps your child develop their fine motor skills.

  • Textured plastic details that act as piece toys to relieve sore gums in tooth growth.

  • Development of Fine Motor Skills, Sight, Sound and Touch

  • Suitable for ages 0-24 months

  • Encourages motor skill development for your baby

  • Included are fun jungle characters, bright colors, and various textures for developmental entertainment

  • Measures 22L x 19W x 3.5H

  • Hand wash only